Market Coverage

AFDB 2015 Egypt Economic Outlook

The economic outlook for 2015 is cautiously optimistic, with the GDP growth rate projected at 3.8% in 2014/15 in the wake of important ongoing reforms and anticipation of parliamentary elections, which is the final stage of the political roadmap.


2015, a year of mergers & acquisitions

2015 has been a year of M&As; Acumen Consulting tracks these transactions and offers you insights on the key trends. This the first of a series of posts analyzing unique phenomena in the Egyptian economy & their potential implications.


Egypt Vision 2030 SDS

An in-depth read of the recently issued Egypt 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy, summarizing the findings and highlighting noteworthy aspects in both the methodology and the results.


Entrepreneurship – When to say no!

The first of a series of opinion editorials by the Acumen Consulting management team; this one addresses a daily entrepreneurial dilemma.


Explaining the Foreign Exchange Situation

Acumen Consulting seeks to address the ambiguity and controversy surrounding the Egyptian Central Bank’s decision to devalue the Egyptian pound. This analysis attempts to explain the basic economic concepts as well as dictate the conditions for this policy’s success.


Why Egyptians Quit?!

Acumen had set out on a myth busting mission to confirm or dis-spell the notion that “Individuals do not quit bad companies, they quit bad bosses!” Survey results are summarized in the info-graph attached. The most prominent stand-out is the amount of emphasis individuals put on their growth potential & learning within the organization.


“Institutions Matter”

Acumen Consulting overview of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century talk and on the real role of political institutions in bringing about reforms to income inequality globally as well as in the Middle East.


Doing Business Better

Doing Business is a World Bank publication that sheds light on how easy or difficult it is for a local entrepreneur to open and run a small to medium-size business when complying with relevant regulations. Acumen Consulting address the three aspects of Doing Business in which Egypt’s rank vis-a-vie other countries is the worst.


Egypt Fishing for Investment

Egypt is constantly claiming to be “open for business”; yet does Egypt walk the walk? Have the current economic policies improved the business environment? What are the key areas for further development and improvement?


Projects and Success Stories

African Economic Outlook chapter on Egypt for both the 2015 and 2016 editions. This involved undergoing all the economic analysis as well as developing thematic chapters to be included in the AFDB annual thematic publication.

Development of two Concept Notes for UNIDO with regard to upgrading TVET (Technical Vocational Education & Training) activities for both the agri-business and construction fields through engaging with stakeholders, assessing the current gaps in the system and recommending intervention models.

Grant proposal development for Alfanar & LifeVision with regard to developing a program catering to the impoverished across the agricultural value chain in Menia.

This included the development of a financial feasibility study for a soya press in Menia to cater to the farmers in the region as well as the larger oil & feed companies.

Acumen consulting management worked closely with a team from Germany for the undertaking of a detailed sector study of the Egyptian economy with a viewpoint of bolstering employment across promising sectors. The study centered around a 10-day fact-finding mission of intense meetings with all the relevant stakeholders followed by a period of analysis, initiative development and report articulation.

Acumen consulting developed a business plan for a consortium of established physicians looking to open a specialized hospital. The scope included studying the market in order to gauge demand and capture the key drivers. As well as a detailed competitive landscape to assess the competition, their capacities, offering and pricing strategies. This all culminated in a financial model and its accompanying business plan. These outcomes dictated the hospital financing strategy, high level organizational structure and marketing approach.

Acumen Consulting conducted a baseline study for GOPA on the needs of companies with regard to business development services and their satisfaction with the current offerings in the market. The objective was to use this study as a guideline to develop programs that can address the business development services ecosystem more effectively.

Acumen was engaged by the British Standards Institute (BSI), UK the lead agency of a consortium implementing the EU-Funded project TDMEP (Trade Development and Market Enhancement Programme) to support in the development of a blueprint for the formulation of a Policy & Strategy Unit (P&SU) for the Ministry of Trade and Industry towards Egypt’s Sustainable Development Strategy – Vision 2030.


Acumen consulting worked with GIZ and its stakeholders from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Manpower and the various Investor Associations in order to institutionalize the Regional Labour Market Observatories.

This project aimed at providing sustainability to the initiative as well as ensuring that labour market information is collected at the demand level in a way that ensures that outputs from the technical education system are a good fit to market demand and the rapidly evolving private sector.

Grant proposal development for Alfanar & LifeVision with regard to developing a program catering to the impoverished across the agricultural value chain in Menia.

This included the development of a financial feasibility study for a soya press in Menia to cater to the farmers in the region as well as the larger oil & feed companies.

Studied the universe of opportunities for diversification for the company. These were developed using an ANSOFF matrix approach and took into consideration the existing company performance and core capabilities. These ideas were then studied in a high-level manner to be able to prioritize them using an investment attractiveness index. Finally, the 6 short-listed ideas were studied in a deep dive context in order to determine which lines of business were the best fit for which plots of land.

Acumen Consulting was contracted by TDMEP – Industry in order to work on the development of a strategy for the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality – The Standardization division.

This involved a survey of internal and external stakeholders, identifying gaps, building a strategic foundation (mission, vision & core values), developing strategic themes and finally coaching the team through the development of strategic initiatives and their respective KPIs.

An economic outlook for Egypt for 2017 with a focus on investment potential and macroeconomic conditions.

Acumen Consulting developed an investment outlook for Egypt in order to capture the key economic changes that have taken place over the past decade and their impact on the economic attractiveness of the country and its future potential as an FDI destination.

Acumen Consulting supported the insurance giant in capturing the market landscape and in evaluating the potential associated with a new product under development.

Acumen Consulting worked on developing a strategy aimed at improving both the quality and quantity of local processed food exports. The strategy included best practices from countries similar to Egypt as well as identifying a set of products that would increase Egypt’s competitiveness on a international level.

Acumen Consulting worked collaboratively with AFNCI to develop an operating model, organization structure and financial model for an innovative education solution. The project involved a detailed diagnostic of the current education landscape, an extensive benchmarking study and a SPRINT in order to develop the operating model and the go-to-market strategy.

Acumen Consulting worked alongside EUC El Hazek on streamlining the business’ operations through the setting of departmental KPIs and procedure manuals which would in turn enhance the overall efficiency of the firm’s operations and thus increasing profit margins and helping EUC compete with larger players in the construction industry.

Acumen Consulting worked collaboratively with TDMEP and the Chamber of Chemical Industries to develop the sector strategy (industry and trade) for the chemical sector in Egypt. This strategy was developed using a consultative approach and was built on the 10 dimensions laid forward by the MTI 2020 Strategy.

Supported a startup (under establishment) in assessing the real opportunities available to them within the Fintech space, then using the Google Sprint methodology helped them short-list to 3 concepts with a means to prototype each of them. Finally fine tuned the winning scenario and assisted them in finding the strategic partners that can help them take it forward.

Developing a gap analysis with regard to technical education in the tourism space in Egypt. This addressed both the demand side requirements as well as shortcomings within the supply side in order to identify new potential specialties or disciplines that can be introduced to technical education schools within the governorates under study.

Acumen worked on identifying market gaps in the packaging industry in Egypt to act as a reference for the areas within the sector that require investment for further development.